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Your Roof Replacement Questions Answered | Performance Roofing – Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

Welcome to Performance Roofing in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas. In this blog, we’re addressing some common questions and concerns that customers often have at the end of their roof replacement project. The video is from our recent roof replacement in Fort Worth. Plus, we’ll give you some valuable insights into what sets Performance Roofing apart.

What is the average lifespan of a roof?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What is the average lifespan of a roof?” Surprisingly, the average lifespan of a roof is around 7 to 10 years in North Texas. Manufacturers may label shingles as 30-year shingles, but at Performance Roofing, we install lifetime shingles backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. We also provide a lifetime workmanship warranty. So, if your roof lasts more than a decade, you’re doing pretty well.

What is a Final Walk for a Roof Replacement?

After completing a roof replacement, our team performs a final walk. This involves a thorough inspection of the roof and cleaning up any remaining debris. Our project manager ensures that everything is in order, and we run magnets to pick up any stray nails. Your satisfaction and the quality of our work are our top priorities.

Other Items we cover on the exterior of your property?

We pay attention to details, such as protecting your condensing unit outside your house. For example we use special mesh air-breathable covers to prevent granules and debris from affecting your AC Condenser. This ensures that your unit continues to function properly while remaining free from damage.

Shingle Color and Roofing Details

The color of your shingles can make a significant difference in your home’s appearance. For example, we used hearthstone color shingles to complement the gray brick of this house, creating a stunning combination. We also added a high-profile hip and ridge to enhance the overall look and increase durability.

How often should I replace my roof after I have replaced it?

Many wonder how often they should get a roof inspection after installing a new roof? We recommend waiting a year for the initial inspection but having one annually afterward. This helps ensure that your roof is in optimal condition year after year.


Performance Roofing Services At Performance Roofing, we’re not just about roofs; we’re a full-blown construction company. In addition to roofing, we handle all interior and exterior work. During our roof inspections, we often identify other areas that may require attention, such as chimney trim or window issues. Our comprehensive inspections cover the entire property to keep your home in top shape. In conclusion, we take pride in having the best installation crew in the entire DFW Metroplex. If you have any more questions or need our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Performance Roofing in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your roof are our top priorities.

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