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In Argyle, the weather keeps us on our toes. Every home here needs more than just a roof—it needs a solid defense against nature’s unpredictability. This is where getting the best Argyle roofing services is essential. Partnering with a local roofing company is more than a choice; it’s a commitment to quality and community understanding.

As your go-to residential roofing contractor, we’re equipped to handle all your roof repairs, ensuring stability and safety for every resident. Trust in our expertise for a roof that truly shelters and stands the test of time.

We have consultants, project managers, and contractors located in Denton County in order to get your estimate sent over quickly and the project started right away. Below are the roofing and general contracting services we provide.

Best Local Roofing Services For Argyle, TX

Located near Argyle, TX, we’re more than just another roofing service. We’re your neighbors, dedicated to protecting your property with top-notch craftsmanship and materials. Understanding the unique challenges our community faces, we offer efficient and reliable services. Dive into what we bring to the table as your all in one home-improvement company :

  1. Roof Replacement: With time, every roof inevitably reaches its limit. For example, while we have a lifetime warranty, the average roof in North Texas lasts 10-15 years because of the crazy storms. Whether you’re looking for a change in aesthetics or need a full roof replacement, our team of expert roofing contractors is at your service. Leveraging years of experience in the roofing industry, we guarantee that our roof replacements use the best materials, ensuring your home or establishment is shielded effectively from Texas weather.
  2. Roof Repair: Whether it’s tiny leaks or significant damages, no roofing needs are too trivial or complex for us. Our dedicated team swiftly addresses any issue, preventing a minor concern today from becoming a substantial problem tomorrow. Each repair showcases our commitment to quality services and keen attention to detail. We even have an after hours team ready to get your tarp or repair scheduled.
  3. New Construction Roofing: From selecting the best roofing solutions to the precision of installation, Starting a new construction with the right roof is crucial if your a home builder or commercial contractor. We’re dedicated to ensuring everything is perfect, laying a solid foundation for your new establishment.
  4. Storm Damage Assistance: The unpredictable Texas storms can wreak havoc. Our fast-acting response team excels in identifying and repairing storm-induced damages and guiding you through the often complex interactions with insurance providers, easing your recovery process. While it can be easy to go with the first roofer you call in Argyle for your hail damaged roof, do your research and get 3 roof estimates. 
  5. Gutters: Often overlooked, gutters are vital protectors against water damage, especially your foundation. We guarantee optimal roof maintenance by ensuring your gutters function flawlessly while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal. Regular upkeep now can prevent significant expenses in the future. Whether you have a small gutter repair or a new gutter system is needed, give us a call.
  6. Commercial Roofing: In the world of business, appearances matter. Our commercial roofing services ensure establishments, regardless of their size, have roofs that combine energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Types of roofs we work on include: TPO & PVC – Flat Roof Coatings – Modified Bitumen – Torch Down – Single Ply – Built Up – Metal – Shingles – Thermoset EPDM.
  7. Water/Fire Restoration: Incidents like water or fire damage can be intensely disruptive. We don’t just focus on restoring properties but aim to restore normalcy to affected lives. Our collaboration with insurance companies further simplifies this arduous journey. We help from the initial pack out to the backend remodel. We are a full service restoration company in Argyle.
  8. Ice Dam: While seemingly harmless, ice build-up can pose real threats to your property and cause your roof to leak.. We offer practical solutions to address ice dams directly, ensuring your home stays safe and your peace of mind intact throughout the colder months. If you do have a leak from an Ice Dam, let us know right away so we can get it fixed and prevented in the future.
  9. Multi-family Roofing: Multi-family residences come with unique challenges. Our specialized roofing solutions, built on industry expertise, guarantee every resident feels secure and content under the roofs we service. For example, we currently service over 100 apartment complexes in the DFW Metro for their roof repair, replacement, and general contracting needs. 

Performance Painting and Remodeling: Our painting services do more than just enhance aesthetics—they fortify. Using the finest products, we ensure that every painted surface adds beauty and lasting protection to your property.

Meet Our Argyle Roofing Process

Embarking on a roofing project can seem daunting, but with our dedicated team in Argyle, you’re in skilled hands. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, our professional roofers walk you through every step, ensuring your home’s roofing needs are met with precision and care. Let’s dive into our meticulously crafted process:

Roof Call

Once you decide our Performance Roofing team is the right company to inspect your roof, call our office or fill out the form and our office staff will contact you within 10 to 15 minutes to get your complimentary estimate scheduled.

Roof Inspection

The foundation of all professional services starts with a thorough examination. At the date and time of your appointment, our team evaluates the current state of your roof, identifying potential problems or areas of wear and damage. This step is crucial in determining the subsequent course of action tailored to your property. This could be a roof repair, replacement, or just a simple inspection to tell you that your roof is all good to go.

Argyle Roofing Process

Roof Repair

Not every issue requires a complete overhaul. Sometimes, targeted repairs can extend the life of your roof. Armed with the findings from the inspection, our team meticulously addresses problem areas, ensuring the longevity and durability of your roofing structure. Being that you may have a repair from a recent storm, we will get you on the calendar sometimes even next day to get your roof repaired and sealed up from any potential upcoming rain.

Roof Replacement

When repairs don’t suffice, it’s time for a roof replacement. Guided by years of expertise, we remove the old roofing materials, preparing the foundation of the roof decking for a fresh start. This phase guarantees that your home has a robust shield against external elements for the future. Typically we book a replacement about a week out, and make sure the weather is good to go. 

Roof Installation

Whether a new build or a replacement, installing a roof requires precision. Our professional roofers ensure that every shingle, tile, or sheet is perfectly laid down. The outcome? A roofing solution that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your home but also stands the test of time. Other types of roofs we install on new construction properties include: Metal, TPO, Mod Bit, and more.

Advantages of Hiring Argyle Roofing Specialists

There’s no replacement for local expertise for safeguarding your home against nature’s elements. Hiring roofing specialists from Argyle ensures tailored solutions for our unique regional climate and means faster, more reliable service. Drawing upon deep local knowledge and being just around the corner, our Argyle specialists offer distinct advantages over general contractors. Here are the standout benefits:

  • Local Knowledge: Familiarity with Argyle’s climate and common roofing challenges.
  • Quick Response: Proximity ensures faster service, especially during emergencies.
  • Community Trust: A reputation built within and for the community. While our office is in McKinney, we have consultants and project managers near Argyle.
  • Cost-Effective: Local sourcing and reduced logistics costs. We’re not coming from out of state to say the least like some roofers do when it storms.
  • High-Quality Materials: Prioritizing the best materials suited for the Argyle environment. Our manufactures back these materials by a lifetime warranty, on top of our lifetime workmanship warranty.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored strategies for every home’s roofing needs. A roof is not one size fits all. 
  • Smooth Permit Process: Understanding of local regulations and permitting. Certain cities require different permits.
  • Long-term Support: Ongoing maintenance and support for your new roof. We build a relationship for the future, and many client use our team at Performance Painting after for their remodeling needs.
  • Personal Touch: Direct, personal communication and service. You will always get a timely response.

We Are The Roofing Company You Need in Argyle


Searching for the perfect blend of expertise and reliability in the Argyle area? Look no further than Performance Roofing, Inc. As a top-tier roofing company, we’re not just any general contractor but a testament to quality, trust, and dedication. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Reputation: Boasting 250+ 5-star online reviews, our work speaks for itself.
  • Trust: As a proud member of The Good Contractors List and an enviable A+ BBB rating, you can be confident in our services. The Good Contractors List backs our work up to $10,000.
  • Guidance: Roofing troubles? We’ve got you covered, from solutions to the nitty-gritty of the claims process.

Choose Performance Roofing, Inc. – where quality meets commitment. We eagerly await the chance to fulfill all your roofing and exterior needs in Argyle.