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Burleson is indeed one-of-a-kind. Did you know that 20% of our neighbors in Burleson, TX, report roof damage annually, primarily due to our unique weather challenges? [source: Burleson Housing and Development Reports]. Such statistics highlight the importance of expertise in roofing in Burleson, TX. With a sun that shows no mercy and storms that can catch you off guard, don’t you feel the need to ensure that the roof above you is more than just a structure? It’s your home’s primary line of defense.

Considering Burleson’s vibrant mix of homes and businesses, it’s clear that diverse residential and commercial roofing structures dot our landscape. Your property, with its unique character and function, deserves roofing services that perfectly fit its requirements. That’s the specialty of a dedicated roof repair expert who understands Burleson’s heartbeat. The goal? Ensure YOU are covered, safe, and secure, regardless of what the Burleson sky decides to send your way.

Need a Burleson Roofing Team that you can trust with your home and know is local? Our team is heavily involved in the local community and we serve all of Johnson County. We have consultants, project managers, and contractors located in Johnson and Tarrant County in order to get your estimate sent over quickly and the project started right away. Below are the roofing and general contracting services we provide.


In Burleson, our roofs aren’t just exposed to the typical wear and tear of time; they face intense sun, unexpected storms, and rapid temperature fluctuations. Given these challenges, your roofing services must be exceptional. Here’s how we ensure your residential and commercial roofing can stand strong against any hazard.

Roofing Services for Burleson

1. Roof Replacement

Time, elements, and unforeseen events can lead to the need for a complete roofing overhaul. We provide full-on roofing services, repairs, and replacements that aren’t just about new materials but are tailored solutions, ensuring long-lasting protection using the finest quality materials adapted for Burleson’s conditions.

2. Roof Repairs

Regular maintenance can identify potential issues, but swift and effective repair is key when damage occurs. We employ a thorough inspection methodology to pinpoint issues, ensuring every repair addresses the root of the problem.

3. New Construction Roofing

Initiating a new residential construction project? We lay the foundation strong from the start, ensuring your new structure has a resilient roof fortified with premium construction materials designed for durability.

4. Storm Damage Assistance

Burleson’s weather can throw curveballs. When storms leave their mark, we’re on hand to evaluate and remedy any damage, restoring your whole roofing part’s integrity.

5. Gutters Installation and Repairs

Efficient water management is crucial. Our team ensures your gutter systems are well-installed and maintained, channeling away rainwater and safeguarding your home’s foundation.

6. Residential and Commercial Roofing

Every business structure demands a robust shield overhead. With an array of specialized materials and strategies, we cater to the unique roofing requirements of commercial entities and residences.

7. Water/Fire Restoration

Accidents and calamities happen. Our dedicated restoration team is adept at reviving commercial and residential roofing and rejuvenating properties affected by water or fire damage.

8. Ice Dam

Addressing the potential hazards of ice dams ensures your roofing’s safety during colder months. We employ techniques to prevent ice dam formation and repair any resultant damage.

9. Multi-family Roofing

Multi-unit residential complexes come with a set of challenges. Our team is skilled in addressing these, ensuring every unit and family is protected.

10. Performance Painting

The right exterior finish elevates a property’s appeal and offers an added layer of protection. Our painting services beautify and fortify your home against external threats.

11. Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is the unsung hero of longevity. In a place like Burleson, where weather can be a tad unpredictable, regular check-ups and tune-ups for your roofing can make all the difference. Don’t wait for a problem to tell you there’s a need; proactive maintenance ensures that minor issues don’t become big headaches.

Whether it’s clearing debris, checking for potential leaks, roof repairs, or just a general health check, a well-maintained roof ensures that you can rest easy, knowing that your home’s top shield is in peak condition, ready to face whatever comes its way. Your insurance carrier will also ask for this report.

In Burleson, roofing isn’t just about materials and techniques; it’s about understanding local challenges and crafting solutions to meet them. When you choose our services, you’re choosing unparalleled expertise tailored to Burleson’s unique roofing needs.

Get Exceptional Service For Your Roofing Needs

Burleson’s roof faces challenges, from the burning sun to sudden storms. So, for home and business owners like you, it’s essential to have a process that tackles these hazards. Our streamlined three-step approach ensures your roofing needs remain in top shape:

  1. Inspection: We start with a thorough check of your roof and exterior. Our trained consultants pinpoint problems and suggest ways to make your property stand out.
  2. Detection and Reparation: Once issues are identified, we act swiftly. Collaborating with insurance adjusters, we ensure timely repairs or installations, keeping your concerns at bay.
  3. Maintenance: A well-maintained roof is a long-lasting one. Our maintenance service checks for wear and tear, ensuring your roof’s longevity and saving you future costs.

Roofing Services Benefits

When it comes to safeguarding your property, timely roofing services aren’t just a recommendation; they’re a necessity. But why should homeowners like YOU prioritize this? Let’s break down the tangible benefits:

  • Property Value Boost: A well-maintained roof enhances the overall value of your home. If you ever decide to sell, your investment in quality residential roofing will surely pay off.
  • Safety First: Ignored damages can lead to significant hazards, from leaks causing mold growth to potential structural failures. Prioritizing timely service ensures you and your family remain safe and protected.
  • Cost Savings: Early detection of issues by professional roofing contractors means cheaper repairs. Addressing minor problems today can save you from significant expenditures tomorrow.
  • Energy Efficiency: A sound roof contributes to better insulation, ensuring your home remains cool during summers and warm during winters. This not only offers comfort but also reduces energy bills.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your roof is in impeccable condition lets you sleep better at night. After all, isn’t peace of mind the ultimate benefit?

Guaranteed Professional Roofing Services


At Performance Roofing, Inc., we firmly believe that every roof we craft is not just a structure; it’s a testament to safety, reliability, quality workmanship, customer service, and trust. Every shingle laid and every tile positioned reflects our unwavering commitment to YOU.

Why entrust us with your roofing needs? Because for us, it’s not just about providing a service. It’s about delivering an unmatched experience that brings you peace of mind. Our team’s extensive experience and collective expertise ensure that every aspect of your roof receives meticulous attention, from selecting the perfect materials to ensuring precision in installation.

Your home deserves nothing less than the best. So, why wait? Let Performance Roofing, Inc. elevate your roofing experience. Choose quality, choose expertise, choose us.