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Do you need a trusted and experienced tile roofer that can repair or replace any tile roofing system? One that services a 2 hour radius around the Dallas – Fort Worth Metro? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Below we will answer all of the questions you have regarding a tile roofing system. Once you are ready you can fill out our form or call here so our office staff can get your complimentary inspection and estimate all set up. Our DFW tile roofing team has an A+ BBB Rating, 250+ 5 star reviews, member of The Good Contractors List, member of The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, and looks forward to serving you.

What is our tile roof repair or replacement process? 

Before we even come out to your property our office staff will ask you a few questions to get an idea of the state of your roof to see if you have a repair or need a full replacement. However the roofing consultant who comes onsite for your appointment will inspect further. First we will discuss our repair process then replacement. 

Roof Repair and Replacement Dallas Fort-Worth

Tile Roof Repair Process

While repairing a tile roof isn’t extensive as a full replacement, your roofer still needs to pay attention to detail so your repair lasts for the long term and not a quick fix. 

  1. When we come onsite, first we are looking for any cracked, damaged, or displaced tiles. Along with what type of tile system you have and color that we will need to match.
  2. Once we have found all the damaged tiles, depending on the area, we may also need to inspect the decking for any rotted wood. We will also do this for the underlayment.
  3. From there we may replace the decking, underlayment, and tiles, or just certain tiles in places of the damaged areas. We do this by placing roof cement or adhesive to put the new tiles in place, and then sealing all the edges.
  4. To finish we will provide you documentation regarding your repair and your warranty for the future.

Tile Roof Replacement Process

In some cases the tile roof is either at the end of its lifespan, or the areas damaged were too large and the entire roof needs to be fully replaced. While some things from the tile roof repair apply, here are the additional items that we do for a tile roof replacement in DFW.

  1. After we have determined the extent of the damage and came to the conclusion that your roof needs to be replaced, we then go over which tile roofing system you would like to install (Clay, concrete, slate), along with the color and profile that fits the style of your home. Further below are different options based on your home.
  2. If you have determined you like our estimate, company, and decide to move forward, our team will then start the process of pulling any permits needed, planning out the replacement day, and making sure we have all the materials we need and proper equipment for that day.
  3. Then on the day of the replacement everything is replaced, from potential decking and flashing, to the underlayment, drip edge, ventilation, and of course the new tiles.
  4. Once your project is complete we will set up a final walk through to make sure you are completely satisfied with your tile roof replacement. Again, make sure to keep your documentation of your replacement along with our warranty information.

Tile Roof Replacement Process - Dallas Fort-Worth

What are the types of tile roofing systems along with their history and culture background?

  1. Clay Tile – When you need a roofing system that is beautiful and durable at the same time, clay tile is the way to go. This is what they are known for and you typically see them in warmer climates not only because of the style, but also because they are energy efficient. These tiles have been used for centuries in cultures like Spanish, Greek, Mexico, and more. Then these styles of homes and business came to America the clay tile roofing system came along with.
  2. Concrete Tiles – This type of roofing system is also popular in DFW, but is more popular in moderate climates. These are typically less expensive as they are made to look like clay tiles, but just not as durable. However they still tend to last longer than your typical asphalt shingle. They are a tad more modern since they were developed in the 20th century.
  3. Slate Tiles – These types of roofing systems are very popular in the UK, France, and Germany, and now part of America depending on the neighborhood you live in. These systems are on the higher end for investment but last a long time.

Between each 3, the 2 things that always come into play are style and color that will go well with your home or business, along with what your budget entails.

Roofing Systems in Dallas Fort-Worth

Are there any specific things you can do to make my tile roofing system last longer? (Cleaning etc?)

  • Yearly roof inspections. By spotting a potential repair area early you can catch it now before it turns into a larger problem.
  • Cleaning and Sealing every few years, otherwise known as waterproofing.
  • Maintain proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup which can lead to mold and rotting.

tile or metal roofing system compare an asphalt shingle

How does a tile/metal roofing system compare to other systems like an asphalt shingle? 


  • Longevity: Tile systems tend to last 30+ years longer.
  • Fire resistance: Helping you feel safer.
  • Energy efficient: Natural properties in the shingle that keep your home cooler or warmer.
  • Low maintenance: While you still need to inspect for maintenance, repairs tend to not happen as soon.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Durability: Typically a stronger product against hail and wind from storms in DFW.


  • More expensive.
  • Weight of system: Heavier which puts more stress on the structure below it.
  • Difficult to repair: Making sure the tile matches correctly takes longer, the actual repair itself takes longer and requires more expertise, which in turn leads to a more expensive repair when you do have to repair your tile roof.

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