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Have you ever wondered about your roof’s trials, especially in our unpredictable Rockwall weather? Choosing the right Rockwall TX Roofing Company is crucial, as your home’s first line of defense needs expert attention. From the searing summer heat to those unexpected, drenching thunderstorms, YOUR roof is constantly up against the elements.

Having a resistant, well-installed roof is a matter of safety. It’s not just about having a shelter; it’s about having a roofing system specifically tailored to Rockwall’s unique challenges. When looking for the right Rockwall TX Roofing Company to guide you, the difference lies in understanding and catering to your needs.

You deserve peace of mind, knowing that top-tier roofing solutions protect your home. Remember, it’s not just about sheltering you from the elements but also about your home’s long-term health and safety. As a local roofing expert, my commitment is ensuring that YOU get the best advice and service created just for you.

Need a Rockwall Roofing Team that you can trust with your home and know is local?  We have consultants, project managers, and contractors located near Rockwall in order to get your estimate sent over quickly and the project started right away. Below are the roofing and general contracting services we provide.


After understanding the unique challenges our Rockwall roofs face, it’s paramount to align with a service that not only recognizes these challenges but also offers solutions tailored to combat them. Our range of services is built on three foundational steps: Inspection, Detection & Restoration, and Maintenance. This process ensures that YOUR roofing concerns are addressed holistically.

Before diving deep into our range of services as roofing contractors, let’s understand the core of our approach as roofing contractors: Inspection, Reparation, and Maintenance. Any residential or commercial roofing project starts with a meticulous inspection.

Our team, celebrated for their expertise with over 200 – 5-star reviews across Texas, works flexibly around your schedule, ensuring a convenient inspection time. Upon examining your roofing system and home’s exterior, we sit with YOU, discussing the intricacies of repair or replacement options tailored to your unique needs.

Roofing Services Rockwall

In addition, to guarantee the longevity of your roof, we emphasize preventive measures such as updates on flashing, caulking, and more. When you entrust your roofing project to a trustworthy company like ours, you’re not just getting quality roofing services but investing in a dedicated partnership to have your roof inspected and cared for with unparalleled professionalism.

1. Roof Replacement

Whether due to age or extreme weather conditions, sometimes your roofing Rockwall needs more than a repair—it needs a complete makeover. Our roof replacement service ensures a seamless new roof installation using only the highest quality materials that are specifically suited for Rockwall’s conditions.

2. Roof Repair

A slight wear and tear are natural, but quick and efficient repairs can save you from future trouble. Our meticulous roof inspection process identifies vulnerabilities, ensuring that the subsequent roof repair is thorough and durable.

3. New Construction Roofing

Building a new home or commercial space? Our new construction roofing ensures a sturdy start with top-notch materials, guaranteeing longevity and resilience.

4. Storm Damage Assistance

Rockwall weather can be unpredictable. Post-storm, we’re here to assess and address any damage, ensuring your whole flat roofing is restored to its optimal condition.

5. Gutter Installation and Repairs

A well-functioning gutter system is crucial for channeling away rainwater, protecting both your roof and foundation. We offer expert gutter installation and maintenance services to ensure seamless water flow.

6. Residential and Commercial Roofing

Businesses need robust protection, too. With specialized materials and techniques, we cater to the distinct needs of commercial structures, ensuring they’re well-guarded against the elements.

7. Water/Fire Restoration

In the unfortunate event of water or fire damage, our restoration services work diligently to bring your roof and property back to its original state or even better.

8. Ice Dam

Ice dams can cause significant damage if not addressed promptly. We provide solutions to prevent their formation and repair any damage they might have caused.

9. Multi-family Roofing

Apartment complexes and multi-residential buildings have unique roofing needs. Our specialized roofers’ services cater to these structures, ensuring every resident is covered and protected.

10. Performance Painting

Quality exteriors and interiors complement a good roof. Our performance painting service enhances aesthetics and offers additional protection against the elements.

11. Maintenance Services

Regular upkeep is vital to extend your roof’s lifespan and avoid costly future repairs. From gutter repair and cleaning to checking seals and flashings, our services ensure your roof stays in prime condition. With our team’s expertise, YOU can rest easy, knowing your roof receives the proactive care it deserves, safeguarding it against Rockwall’s unpredictable weather.

Threats To Roofs

In the North Texas Area, roofs face some tough challenges. Understanding these challenges helps you keep it in good shape for longer. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, wind and hail damage account for 15% of all homeowners’ insurance claims in the U.S.

These issues are especially common in areas like Rockwall, underscoring the importance of regular roofing systems check-ups and maintenance. Being proactive can save you both time and money in the long run. Here are the main problems Rockwall roofing systems often deal with:

  • Harsh Sun: The Texas sun is intense. Over time, this constant heat can make roof parts brittle and weak.
  • Sudden Storms: Quick, heavy storms can cause leaks, move tiles, or even damage the structure.
  • Strong Winds: Winds can remove or damage roof tiles and bring in dirt or other debris that can hurt your roof.
  • Changing Temperatures: Rockwall can be boiling hot in summer and chilly in winter. This constant change can make roofing materials crack or break.
  • Natural Aging: Like everything, roofs get old. This means they can slowly wear out or be damaged by mold or rot.

Get The Best Roofing Services In Rockwall

In the heart of Texas, especially in places like Rockwall, roofing isn’t just about protection—it’s about peace of mind, trust, and the assurance that you and your family are safe, come rain or shine. Enter Performance Roofing Inc., your trusted Rockwall partner for all roofing needs.


At Performance Roofing Inc., our foundation lies in the “Performance Promise”: a steadfast commitment to Integrity, Quality, and Service. We’re not just any roofing company; we’re a testament to the belief that quality work and unparalleled customer service lead to unmatched client satisfaction. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we pride ourselves on delivering the best in commercial and residential roofing.

Being based out of McKinney, TX, we’ve strategically placed our dedicated roofing consultants in Rockwall and across Dallas-Fort Worth, ensuring that each county we serve has a local expert. So, when we say we’re local, we truly mean it.

So, for the best roofing experience tailored to Rockwall’s demands, contact us. Together, let’s ensure your home stands strong against every challenge.