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The roof is your home’s most important defense against the elements. It’s never fun when a roof starts to reach the end of its lifespan, but a professional Melissa roofer like Performance Roofing, Inc. can help.

Your Texas roof might need service for a variety of reasons. Are you dealing with storm damage, leaks, loose shingles, or hail damage? Faulty roofs can lead to severe water damage and a host of other problems, so don’t wait to reach out to our team of roofers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Performance Roofing, Inc. is ready to serve homeowners and businesses in Melissa, TX, and we don’t only handle roofing! Why not get a free quote online or call us for fast, professional help?

Our team has an A+ BBB Rating, 200+ 5 star reviews, on The Good Contractors List, and looks forward to serving you. Here’s more about what we offer.


Does your North Texas roof need repairs before the crazy weather arrives? When is it time to call our reliable Melissa roofer? Feel free to contact us with questions, but keep an eye on your roof for these warning signs in the meantime.

  • Your roof has storm damage: Hail, rain, and wind tear out shingles and create leaks.
  • Your roof is getting old: Most roofs are due for inspection or replacement at 20+ years.
  • Your roof had ice dams during the winter: Ice dams loosen and damage roofing material and invite water damage underneath it.
  • You are buying or selling a home: Having an inspector check the roof is a great safety precaution. However, we always recommend having a professional roofer also inspect the roof to verify the type of system, any prior damage, and the lifespan of your roofing system.
  • You find leaks or cracks in your ceiling: Immediately addressing leaks and water damage could save you a lot of money and stress, so don’t wait to seek assistance.
  • You see shingles flaking, cracking, or curling: Old or damaged shingles won’t be able to protect your home. Act quickly; the next storm might be the last straw.
  • You find persistent mold on the roof or gutters: Mold is difficult to remove without expert help and the right solutions, especially on areas like roofs. The longer you leave it, the more virulent the mold growth will become.

Any of these symptoms can lead to bigger problems, so move quickly. You might also want to consider preventative care, another service that Performance Roofing, Inc. can provide to keep your Melissa roof in prime condition.

Roof Replacement Service Melissa, TX

Performance Roofing, Inc. Services

It’s heartwarming how much those who care enough can contribute to a community, and Melissa’s choice to name the Kenny Deel Stadium after one particular local coach and teacher says it all. Performance Roofing, Inc. wants to stand out from other roofing companies in Texas in the same way, which is why we offer such a huge catalog of services. We specialize in roofing repair and replacement, but that’s not all our Melissa roofer can do!

Commercial, Residential, and Multi-family Projects

Every building needs a sturdy roof. Our experts handle any type of roof on homes, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and more. For each type of property we have a separate division at Performance Roofing to make sure we have an expert for you.

Home Exterior Inspections

Inspections are an important part of roof care and beautiful home exteriors. Our inspection team will check for signs of damage and identify weak areas while offering potential solutions. We will give you an honest opinion whether you need a repair, or if a replacement is a better investment for the long run.

Roof Repairs and Replacements

Our most popular services in Texas are roof repairs and replacements because we offer reliable service and high-quality materials. However, we also provide other general contracting services below..

Insurance Assistance

Are you dealing with roof-related insurance claims from storm damage? Expert help can streamline your discussions with the insurance agent, leverage loopholes, and educate you about the process and your next steps.

General Contract Work

In addition to our roofing services, we also provide a variety of general contractor services, like gutters, siding, fences, window installation, carpentry, painting, and more. We also have a sister company called Performance Painting for even more valuable services in Melissa, TX.

The Performance Roofing Difference in Melissa, TX

There are plenty of roof repair contractors in Texas, but there’s a noticeable difference when you choose Performance Roofing, Inc. We strive to give each customer a great experience with the following benefits:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We follow the “Performance Promise” on every job for integrity, quality, and service. We use high-quality roofing materials in all of our projects, and we never settle for substandard service. In addition, our roofing systems come with lifetime warranties.

High Ratings Across the Board

Our commitment to excellence has garnered stellar reviews and awards. Performance Roofing, Inc. has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’re also a Chosen Contractor on the Good Contractors List, with high customer ratings and a 4.8/5 score on HomeAdvisor. To top it off our team has over 200, 5 star reviews online.

Personalized Approach to Business

Every job is unique, and customer satisfaction is always our priority. When we perform repairs, we’ll match the shingles and gutters to perfectly fit the style of your home. We can also work on all types of roofs. not just those with asphalt shingles.

Does your roof require unique designs and materials? Our Melissa roofer will still take on the challenge with professionalism and expertise!

We’re Not Just Out to Make a Buck

At Performance Roofing, Inc. we care about our customers. Our team does everything we can to make sure we get your job done right the first time. However if anything were to arise, our team will always eat the cost if something is our fault and we need to make it right.

Wide Service Area

Is your roof old or damaged? It’s important to act immediately. Small flaws can develop into major issues if they’re left unattended, so don’t let your roof fall apart!

If you don’t live in Melissa, TX, Performance Roofing, Inc. serves a wide variety of locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our team lives in every county we service, which includes all of North Texas. We have the necessary equipment and personnel to cover all your roofing and general contracting requirements in Texas, including in the following areas:

  • Allen
  • Anna
  • Arlington
  • Burleson
  • Dallas
  • DeSoto
  • Fort Worth
  • Frisco
  • Grand Prairie
  • Irving
  • McKinney
  • Plano
  • Prosper
  • Sherman
  • Van Alstyne
  • & More

Contact Performance Roofing, Inc. to take advantage of our fast service, highly-trained team, and commitment to excellence – call (972) 360-8042 today for a free quote from our top Melissa roofer! Our office is on 380 just south of Melissa, TX.

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