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What our Performance Roofing team inspects on every property in DFW

In this article, we are going to take you through the five steps and areas we inspect for residential property in DFW. Those six steps include inspecting: Interior Attic, Exterior of the home and property, Structural Inspection, Overall roof components assessment, Evaluation of roof materials, and potential problems. 

  1. Exterior Roof Inspection in DFW:

One of the first things we like to inspect is the ventilation. For example, we will stop the wind turbine and see if it has splatter from a prior hail storm. Next we will look at that overall condition of the shingle to see the age, and if it has any loose granules from age or storms. From there we will look at the areas that are typically susceptible to leaks like: Chimneys, Vents, Skylights, and other roof to wall penetrations. Typically installing ice and water shield around these in the beginning help prevent future leaks and repairs. Along with this you see small maintenance like loose nails and screws that can be replaced. We then get down from the roof, and walk the rest of the property to look at the fence, gutters, and overall drainage of the home.

  1. Interior Attic Inspection in DFW:

Once we have inspected the exterior, we then head into the attic because a leak can be misleading where it comes from. We also want to check the overall attic ventilation and insulation since our Performance Roofing team helps with many services. Not only are we looking to find moisture or water damage in the attic, but where did it go to in the home so we can replace or repair drywall, etc.

  1. Other structural areas on the property we examine in DFW: 

Some of the structural areas include, sagging roof areas, rotted decking, wood that looks like it was chewed from pets and rodents. We also want to make sure the roof and wall structures are connected properly.

  1. Other potential problem areas we inspect on the roof in DFW:
  • Areas prone to water damage like roof valleys
  • Edges, Eaves, and Facia
  • Areas of homeowners concern

Once we have completed the interior and exterior property and roof inspection, we then sit down with the homeowner to discuss their solutions, the cost of those solutions, and the next steps in the roof repair or replacement process. Our Performance Roofing team provides a detailed report of the entire property as well. Once the homeowner decides to move forward with our A+ BBB Rated team located in McKinney, we then receive a third of the payment upfront and get the repair or replacement scheduled. 

Another thing to note, if we see roof damage for a neighbor like we did in the video is this article, at the very least we will walk over and explain to the client their damage and ask to provide a detailed report for their insurance provider.

If you are needing a roof inspection in DFW, call our Performance Roofing team in McKinney, serving all of North Texas. 972-360-8042.

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