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Protecting Your Home After a Storm in Allen Texas


Today we are in Allen, Texas, where we’re in the midst of a roof replacement project because of the recent storms. While roof repairs and replacements are common after a storm, there’s another aspect of storm damage that often goes unnoticed – damaged windows. In this project post, we’ll shed light on why it’s crucial to address window damage caused by hail or other storm-related factors.

The Unseen Consequences:

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to overlook the impact of a storm on their windows until they notice an unusual phenomenon – fogging. This fogging isn’t a random occurrence; it’s often a result of hail damage that might have caused a subtle crack on the outer edge of the window.

At Performance Roofing, our commitment to comprehensive inspections goes beyond just your roof. We understand that storms can wreak havoc on various aspects of your property, and we make it our mission to inspect every nook and cranny to ensure that all storm damage is identified and addressed.

Beyond the Roof:

While roofing is our expertise, we extend our inspection to cover the entire property. This includes checking for damage to:

  • Fences: Often, fences are vulnerable to storm damage, especially if they’re constructed with materials susceptible to hail or strong winds. We’ll make sure your fences are in good shape.
  • Dryer Vents: Yes, even the often-neglected dryer vents can suffer damage in a storm. Ensuring their functionality is crucial for safety and efficiency.
  • Siding: If your house has siding, it can also take a beating during a storm. Our team will assess its condition and recommend any necessary repairs or replacements.

Window Repairs:

One area where we excel is window repairs. If your windows have suffered damage due to a storm, leading to fogging or other issues, we have the expertise to replace or repair the glass. Our goal is to restore your windows to their pre-storm condition, ensuring not only their functionality but also the aesthetics of your home.


The next time you experience a hail storm and notice fogged-up windows, don’t ignore it. Fogging is often a sign of underlying damage that needs attention. At Performance Roofing, we take a holistic approach to storm damage inspection, ensuring that all facets of your property are examined for potential issues. Your home’s exterior is a complex system, and we’re here to make sure it remains in top-notch condition, even after the most severe storms. Don’t wait – get your entire exterior inspected in Allen, Texas, and let us take care of the rest.

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