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Hail Damage Repair Project – Allen, Texas

More Than Just Roof Restoration in Allen

Our team at Performance Roofing is in the middle of helping two neighbors in Allen Texas restore their homes to better than pre storm condition. The video above and below description explains why you need to look at the entire exterior of your home the next time a hailstorm hits.

Various Items To Address from the Storm

One of the prominent issues we’ve encountered on the first home is screen damage, resulting from the hail impact, which we will be replacing. This is an item that often gets missed. Additionally, there are dents in the framing of solar screens of the next door neighbor, so those will also be replaced. Moving on, we have noticed spatter marks on different surfaces, indicating the size and impact of the hail. These marks have affected not only the screens but also the AC cage, which will require replacement. This area will show us the size of the hail we are dealing with. Furthermore, we recently replaced and painted the garage door, along with damaged siding, and then painted the siding as well. When a storm hits, it affects much more than just your roof, next we move over to the neighbors.

Neighbors Roof, Gutters, and Siding Repairs

On the neighboring property, we are preparing to commence another project in the coming weeks. While the garage door on this property appears undamaged, our recommendation is to have a project manager present during the insurance adjuster meeting to accurately assess and identify hail-related damage as it can be hard to see initially. Examining the gutters and downspouts, we can see significant indentations caused by hail, necessitating their replacement. The siding on the chimney of the house has also suffered hail damage, requiring both siding replacement and repainting. Additionally, the metal chimney chase cover was dented by hail and will be also replaced. We not only inspected these areas from the ground level and roof, but double checked and documented with our drones as well. 

Hail Damage Summary – Why Performance Roofing

In summary, this project extends beyond just roof repairs, encompassing a range of damages caused by hail that we are addressing for both neighbors in Allen. Our team at Performance Roofing partners with our sister company Performance Painting to offer an all in one home improvement company that can take care of all your home or business contracting needs when storm damage occurs. Click here to read our reviews, or click here to learn more about our team. We service all of North Texas and look forward to serving you.


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