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Direction 61:3 Partnership with Performance Roofing & Painting

How This Partnership Came To Be

Discover the heartwarming story of the collaboration between Performance Roofing and Painting and Direction 61:3, a non-profit organization that supports youth aging out of foster care in McKinney and all of DFW. In this blog post, we delve into the details of the impactful project that brought positive change to this organization for years to come. Their mission is to prevent these kids from becoming homeless, trafficked, or incarcerated. Further below we have the before and afters of this property renovation.

To serve foster youth, their nonprofit needs proper facilities. The farm serves as a gathering place for kids aging out of care, along with an office for their staff. They acquired this property in May 2023 and have been working to refurbish and update it. That is where our team at Performance came into play.

One of the board members at Direction 61:3 is an amazing client of ours and recommended our company for the first major project of the farm, gutters. Their gutter system was failing and causing foundation issues. Rachael our Roofing Consultant came out to inspect the property and found this was going to be a much larger project than they expected. Rachael had then found several carpentry areas needing to be repaired, along with the top half of the building still needing to be painted. Both of these would have to be completed before new gutters would be installed. 

Meeting between Direction 61:3 and Performance Roofing and Painting Leadership Teams

Once the Direction 61:3 leadership team discovered this project would be out of their budget, we brought Kathy Blank their head of Business Development, and Myron Wilson their Executive Director to our office to meet Will Reid, our owner. From there we learned more about their vision and the opportunity they provide to foster youth setting them up for success.

After this meeting, Will sat down with Rachael and let her know we can provide our services at cost to help them be able to afford this project once they go back to their donors. Once Myron, Kathy, and their Board approved this, we moved forward on the repairs, painting, and gutter replacement.

Transformative Actions – Paint – Carpentry – Gutters – Roofing

Carpentry and Siding Repairs

Once we removed the gutters we found even more carpentry repairs needed. Our team addressed this extensive carpentry work, ensuring the structural integrity of the building. Siding repairs were undertaken to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

Painting Beyond Volunteer Reach

Areas inaccessible to prior volunteers were meticulously painted, creating a uniform and visually pleasing appearance for the entire building.

Gutter Replacement and Installation

Recognizing the importance of efficient drainage, we replaced and installed new gutters, safeguarding the property from potential water damage.

The Significance of This Project

The building renovated by Performance Roofing and Painting serves as the office for Directions 61:3’s staff and the venue for crucial meetings, along with a gathering space for their foster youth. The initial focus of renovation sets the foundation for further enhancements across the entire property.

Community Impact

Will – Owner Performance Roofing and Painting

“This collaboration is a win-win, benefiting everyone involved and contributing to the McKinney community and Collin County.”

Kathy – Business Development Direction 61:3

“A heartfelt thank you to Performance Roofing for helping us serve more foster youth.”

Myron – Executive Director Direction 61:3

“We are excited about the future and the positive impact we can create for youth aging out of foster care.”

Witness the Transformation

Join us in celebrating the power of community and compassion. Visit Direction 61:3’s website and what they are about! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make a difference. 

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