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Complete Restoration and Hail Damage Repair: Client Testimonial in DFW


In this article, we share the story of a satisfied customer who experienced hail damage to their home and sought reliable contractors to restore their property. During their testimonial video, we hear firsthand about the exceptional services provided by Performance Painting and Performance Roofing, including roof replacement, lead abatement, and fence updates. Join us as we dive into this customer’s journey and the positive experience they had with our team.They initially went with another contractor, then realized they were inexperienced and switched to our Performance Roofing team.

An old Home with Unique Requirements:

  1. The customer owned an old home, built in 1938, and had specific needs for lead abatement. Following a hailstorm, the damage to their property became apparent, prompting the search for a reliable contractor capable of addressing their various restoration needs.

The Search for a Trustworthy Contractor:

  1. Knowing the importance of finding a reliable contractor, the customer sought assistance from the Good Contractors List. This network provided assurance that they could rely on Performance Painting and Performance Roofing to deliver high-quality work and meet their restoration requirements. The Good Contractors List backs our work up to $10,000, and comprises the best contractors in DFW.

Dealing with Extensive Hail Damage:

  1. The process of dealing with hail damage turned out to be a nine-month-long project due to challenges faced with ill-informed contractors who lacked experience working on older homes. However, the customer discovered that the real issue was finding the right contractor, not the insurance process itself.

The Perfect Match with Performance Roofing:

  1. Upon discovering Performance Roofing, the customer realized they had found the perfect match. The client stated, “The team not only understood the intricacies of the project and the level of expertise required, but they also had in-depth knowledge of working with insurance companies. This expertise enabled them to identify missed opportunities in the initial insurance submissions, making adjustments to maximize the coverage for hail-related repairs”. 

Going Above and Beyond:

  1. Our Performance Roofing team demonstrated our commitment to delivering the best possible results by going the extra mile for the customer. Here are the clients final comments, “Their attention to detail, knowledge, and willingness to make necessary adjustments impressed the customer, resulting in a positive and fulfilling experience throughout the restoration process”.


This testimonial highlights the success story of a homeowner who faced hail damage and found the perfect solution with Performance Roofing in McKinney, serving all of DFW. By offering comprehensive services such as roof replacement, lead abatement, and fence updates, our team provided expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction. If you find yourself in need of restoration services, trust Performance Roofing to handle your project with top notch customer service.

Our Performance Roofing team has an A+ BBB Rating, 200+ 5 Star reviews, member of The Good Contractors List, and looks forward to serving you. Call the top rated roofer in McKinney today, serving all of DFW.

Thank you for reading our article on this residential roof renovation and transformation, with a commercial roofing system. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and added value content from our Performance Roofing in McKinney team, serving DFW.

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