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Celina Roof Inspection: A Tale of Two Roofs

In Celina, roof conditions can vary dramatically within just a few miles. Recently, we conducted inspections on two homes, located merely ten minutes apart, revealing strikingly different levels of hail damage. These inspections showcase our thorough approach and honest communication with homeowners about the actual condition of their roofs.

Inspection at the First Celina Home: Minimal Damage

During our first inspection, the homeowner contacted us due to some missing shingles and a displaced vent cap, likely caused by wind and recent hail storms. Upon close inspection, the damage was less severe than anticipated.


  • Missing Shingles: Identified areas where shingles were missing, exposing the synthetic underlayment—a potential site for leaks.
  • Vent Cap: Noted a missing cap on a dry air vent, which doesn’t pose a significant concern but requires prompt repair to avoid future issues.
  • Overall Roof Condition: Despite the recent storms, the roof had minimal hail damage, primarily affecting non-structural elements like gutters and fences.


We advised the homeowner against filing an insurance claim considering the minimal impact. Our recommendation was to repair the specific damaged areas without undergoing a full roof replacement.

Inspection at the Second Celina Home: Significant Hail Damage

Only ten minutes away from the first location, the second inspection told a different story. This roof had experienced substantial hail damage, highlighting the unpredictable nature of storm impacts.


  • Hail Impact: Numerous black marks from hail hits were evident across the roof. Each mark represented a compromised site where the fiberglass under the shingle was damaged.
  • Potential Long-Term Damage: The hail created craters that could retain water, potentially rotting the roof decking over time and leading to more severe structural issues.


Given the extensive damage, we recommended that the homeowner file an insurance claim. The roof required significant repairs or replacement to prevent future complications and maintain the integrity of the home.

Conclusion: Honesty and Precision in Roof Inspections in Celina

Our inspections in Celina illustrate the variability in storm damage and the importance of a detailed assessment. By being honest and precise, we help homeowners make informed decisions based on the actual condition of their roofs rather than rushing to file unnecessary claims.

At our company, whether it’s a minimal repair or a full replacement, our priority is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients through meticulous inspections and transparent recommendations.

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